Monday, 24 October 2011

Formate not processing spool files (Date and Time)

[Formate] If you have spool files which are sitting in the input folder and have not been detected by the Formate Server, check to see whether the system date and time of the Formate server is prior to the date and time of the spool files.  If so, you will need to either wait for the date and time set on the files to arrive, or you need to modify the date and time of the spool files as Formate will not process files which were created in the 'future'.

If this is a common occurrence it is highly recommended that the system clocks of the relevant machines are synchronised and/or set correctly. (AT)

Formate v2.15.13 Resellers require new partner keys

[Reseller Info] Formate Resellers will require a new NFR License Key prior to the upgrade to v2.15.13.

If you wish to become a Formate Reseller please apply to our sales department. (PCA)

Flexicapture v10 R2 Released

[Abbyy Flexicapture] v10 R2 (fc10_800_8_build_10.0.1.928) is available to maintenance customers. (PCA)

Formate - Installing or updating on Windows 7 Pro Platform

[Formate] When updating or installing Formate on a Windows 7 Professional PC you will need to run the Formate 'Setup.exe' under an administrator account. Right click on the 'Setup.exe' program and select the 'Run as Administrator' option. If you do not run the program as administrator you will encounter errors when the program performs tasks such as stopping/starting the print spooler or writing to the registry.(JH)

64 Bit Windows OS Support - Formate 2.15.13

[Formate]  Maintenance Customers can download Formate 2.15.13. Whilst still a 32 bit Application, the install is now validated on the following Windows OS's Server 2003 & Server 2008 R2 for All components and Windows 7 64 bit for Formate Configuration. (PCA)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Welcome to the new tech support blog from Document Genetics Helpdesk

From time to time we will be posting tips, hints and other useful information about Formate, infoRouter and our other document management solutions.