Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Installing InfoRouter LDAP Authentication on Windows 2008

[Inforouter] Installing InfoRouter LDAP Authentication on Windows 2008

The InfoRouter LDAP authentication runs as a web service on any domain PC. It is common however to install it on the server where InfoRouter is installed.

In the [drive]\InfoRouter\ProgramSetups\LDAP Authentication Web Service\ folder is a PDF file called ‘infoRouter_LDAP_Authentication.pdf’. This document details how the website/virtual directory is created using the contents of the above folder.

On page 3 of the document there is the line shown below;

3. Give the website or virtual directory a name like “IRAuthenticationSrv ”

If you chose the ‘virtual directory’ option you may find that you cannot access the web service http://<servername>/<irauthenticationserviceVirtualDir>/irAuthenticationSrv.asmx

If you go to IIS 7.0 and expand the ‘Default Web Site’ tree locate the ‘Virtual Directory’ and right click then select the ‘Convert to Application’ option. You should now be able to access the web service. (JHO)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LPD Issue with Server 2008 64Bit R2

[Formate] As we have all known ever since Windows 2000 there has been a data truncation issue in Windows Server, with data coming via LPR/LPD being wrapped at column 80, regardless of paper setting within the printer. More information can be found in the MS KB article 150930.


It has been found that this problem persists in Windows Server 2008, and although the OS is not referenced directly in the knowledge base article it is still applicable [pca - with thanks to BG/AW]