Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Previewer.AutoPrint Error

[Formate]This entry refers to the "Previewer.AutoPrint Error" as shown in the Formate Event Log.

When generating PDF documents Formate requires access to your printer driver regardless of whether the PDF document is to be printed, emailed or just saved to disk.  If you are receiving the "Previewer.AutoPrint Error" then Formate cannot gain access to the print driver.


The most likely causes of this problem are:
  • security permissions have changed for the printer
  • the printer has been reinstalled with an incompatible driver
  • the driver has been updated manually
  • Windows Update has modified the printer driver
NOTE:  At the time of writting this entry we were receiving a high level of reports from Formate users getting this error following a Windows update.

This issue can be resolved by:
  • Selecting a different printer within Formate
  • Uninstall the updated print driver and reinstall the original print driver