Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Full Text Search of PDFs within Inforouter

[Inforouter] If full text search of searchable pdfs is required within Inforouter there needs to be an pdf ifilter installed for MS Index Server to use.

 This can be obtained by;

1. Installing Adobe Reader  versions 7.0 - 9.5 on the Inforouter server - installs pdf viewer and ifilter,
2. Installing Adobe ifilter 6.0 (32 bit) standalone ifilter install,  (does not provide a pdf viewer on the server)
3. Installing Adobe 64 bit standalone ifilter install  (does not provide a pdf viewer on the server)

All of the above are available from the Adobe website.

4. Purchase the Foxit ifilter and install.

Please Note that Adobe Reader X and 11 do not install an ifilter and will remove a previously installed Adobe ifilter, and so should is NOT recommended for use on the actual Inforouter Server directly.  If you do install Adobe X or 11 or upgrade them at anytime on the Inforouter server, then you will need to manually install/re-install an ifilter afterwards. (pca)