Thursday, 24 January 2013

Formate - New Install crashing on startup

[Formate] Formate Server or Configuration crashing on start up of new install.

Formate Server or Configuration can crash upon the first start of a fresh install if another version of the IDAutomationLinear.dll is installed. Formate uses the IDAutomationLinear5.dll from ID Automation for the creation 1D linear barcodes. The problem is highlighted in the MS crash report, and can be resolved by un-installing any other program using another copy of IDAutomationLinear.dll (PCA)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Microsoft Updates locking formate server

[formate] So far this year we have had 2 reports of formate servers being left in a locked state, and therefore unable to process, by microsoft updates failing on the host server. When formate server is running as an application, this will be manifested as an inability to start the formate server and a message that another copy is already running. When formate server is running as a service, within remote control the server will show the status of "processing jobs" set to no, and you will be unable to start processing jobs. If this occurs please contact the support desk to get an unlock code. This code can then be entered under Tools|Clear the server task lock. (pca)

Formate Tasks - Using {autonumber} when saving copies of raw data

[Formate] When configuring a task within formate server, you can configure the options to save a copy of the raw data received by formate to be processed. To prevent overwriting of the raw data files a unique  naming convention can be set up. One of the options for this is {autonumber}. Using {autonumber} inserts a sequential number into the raw data saved file name and is taken from a global sequence of numbers shared between all tasks on the formate server. This means that it is not necessarily true that 2 consecutive data files for one task will have consecutive numbers if one or more data files for other tasks, also using the autonumber feature in the saving of the raw data files, have been processed in between them. (pca)

Happy New Year 2013

The Document Genetic's Support Team wishes all of our Customers a successful and prosperous 2013 and welcomes you to a new year of technical tips, help and advice. (pca)