Friday, 15 February 2013

Set IE to prompt for username and password

[Workflow] When using Internet Explorer in its default settings your Windows credentials will  automatically be used to log you on to the DG Workflow system. This behavior saves a user having to log into a system using credentials which they have already entered when they logged into Windows.

In most cases this is the desired behavior.  But what if you want to log into the DG Workflow system using different credentials from those used to log into Windows?

IE can be configured to prompt a user to enter the username and password which should be used to log into a given system for a given security zone.  Specifically in this case you can set IE to always prompt you for a username and password when accessing the Local intranet zone (the zone within which the DG Workflow system exists).

The following instructions show how to configure IE9 to prompt for a username and password when accessing the DG Workflow system.

  • Open IE
  • Open the Internet Options dialog
  • Click on the Security tab (1)
  • Select the Local intranet zone (2)
  • Click on Custom level... (3)
  • Scroll to the User Authentication section
  • By default Automatic logon only in Intranet zone is selected (4), change this to Prompt for user name and password
  • Click OK, you will be prompted to confirm you want to save the changes
  • Click Yes, the Security Settings dialog will close
  • Click OK to save the changes and close the Internet Options dialog
Internet Options \ Security Settings dialogs

NOTE: - If the address used to access the DG Workflow system contains a period character (.) then IE may evaluate the system to be within the Internet zone and not the Local intranet zone.  In this case the instructions above should be modified appropriately.