Friday, 19 April 2013

Inforouter IIS Application Pool User - Why is it important?

[Inforouter] A default install of Inforouter uses a predefined user account (Network Service) for the Default Application Pool (IIS6) or the build in account for the Network Service user for the Classic.Net Application Pool (IIS7) under which the Inforouter Application runs.



As part of the default installation, the Network Service user should be granted "full control" permissions to the Inforouter Installation folder, the warehouse location, Index location and the Windows\temp folder.

If you change the Application pool user to another predefined/built in account or to a configurable/custom account, this new user must be granted explicit permissions to the same locations for inforouter to work.

Symptoms of specific permissions not be applied to parts or all of the folder structure are the inability to expand the folder list in the library view and the inability to view documents etc. (pca)