Monday, 15 July 2013

Formate - Server Task Lock

[Formate] Formate server is designed to run as a single instance on a given server to prevent conflicts, and therefore has an in-built mechanism to control that only one copy of Formate server can run at a time. In the event of an uncontrolled server shutdown or sometimes as a result of Microsoft Update activities, this mechanism can become locked, and prevent Formate Server from starting to run, with a message saying that another copy is already running, when this is not true. If this occurs  and you have verified that another copy of Formate is not running on the same server either as a service or in another logged on session, then please call the help desk and request an unlock code be generated. This code can then be entered via the Formate Server Tools| Clear The Server Task Lock menu item.

If you purchased Formate via one of our Partners, the request for an code to clear the server task lock should be made via the Partner's support desk.(pca)

Unlock codes are free for customers with a current maintenance contract, whilst for Customers without maintenance an admin charge will be made. (pca)