Monday, 15 July 2013

Inforouter - Archiving

[Inforouter]. Inforouter is designed to be an on-line archive but occasionally we are asked about archiving those documents already in Inforouter.

There are a number of things you can do, and which is best, really depends on what your final aim is? You have two main options depending on if you wish to remove the documents from Inforouter , or archive them internally.

The first step is to identify the documents to be archived. One suggestion is to create a  new library, and move the folders that are to be archived from their original folders to the new library. This can be either be done by manually selecting the folders/documents directly from the Document Library or taking them from the results of an inforouter search. Once you have the documents segregated, you can;

1. Install the import export/tool from the inforouter root\add-ins folder. This is an external tool, which will allow you select folders and export them to a similar folder structure outside of inforouter (with no metadata). Once exported you are then free to delete the folders from within inforouter.

2. . The new library can either be a normal library, or an Archive Library. If it is a normal library and you grant permissions the folders and documents are still on line, and searchable by the users, but as they are in a separate library, the number of folders list in the original library is reduced by the ones you have moved. The alternative is that you can make the new library an archive library. You move the contents to the new library in the same manner, and reduce the original folder list the same, BUT whilst the library in on-line, an archived library is not included in normal searches, and most other document management functions are not allowed on the documents, and folders, preventing them being amended further, as it is an archive. You can find more details about the archiving a library and moving folders and documents to another library in the Inforouter Help section under the help tab and then the archiving section.(PCA)

Please Note: If you delete documents from Inforouter, they are only truly deleted when Inforouter is purged, otherwise they are kept so that they can be restored, so to reclaim disk space the documents need to be purged.