Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Formate 2 - MS Office 365 Support

[Formate 2] It has become apparent that with the advent of the MS Office 365 product suite that the internal structures have changed to render it unsuitable for use with Formate 2.

In response, It has been decided that with the imminent release of Formate eVo, Formate 2 will not be revised to support the use of any member of the MS Office 365 product family. This means that the use of any Formate 2 functions interacting with MS Word or MS Excel documents will continue to require a version of MS Office  from 2003, to  2013 to be installed upon the hosting server.

Formate eVo will actually provide support for MS Office without the requirement to install a copy of MS Office on its host server, and so we will in future be independent of Microsoft’s development plans.(pca)