Friday, 21 October 2016

Procedure for upgrading to Formate evo v7

Formate eVo 7 introduces a new license format, and therefore will require a one-off very specific upgrade process.

1.        From your current eVo installation, download release 7.
2.        Once you have release 7, contact us and we will issue you with the replacement license.
3.        Once you have the new license, go ahead with the upgrade and apply the new license, and re-activate the server, and dashboard.

Deviation from the above procedure may cause issues, including potentially interruption of processing - once we generate your new license you will no longer be able to download new releases, activate machines or access the eVo blog using the old license, as it will have been withdrawn on our web server. That’s why it’s vital that you download the new release first, then request a new license only when you’re ready to proceed with the upgrade.

If you have application support, you can request that we carry out the upgrade for you, and we will carry out the upgrade on your behalf, otherwise if you need any advice, please either contact the helpdesk at, or call us on 01604 617177